02 September 2014

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

24 weeks
How far along:
  25 weeks (tomorrow)

Total Weight Gained:
   Up 14 pounds since my 8 week appointment.

Maternity Clothes:
  I found my new jeans at Gap Online.  I had to get two sizes (12 &14) as the 14 is a bit big now, and the 12 probably won’t fit when I’m closer to the end of this pregnancy.

Sleep:   Still sleeping okay, though I have been starting to wake up a couple of times due to leg cramps.  There have also been a couple of insomniac nights that I didn’t fall asleep until 3:30 a.m.!

Symptoms:  My nausea is still at bay due to me taking vitamin B6 + Unisom tablet, which I had to increase to a whole tablet to help with the sleep issues.  The constipation isn’t going away.  I am upping my fruits & veggies, along with my water intake to help with that.  Also, there’s this pain in the vajayjay that just won’t go away.  It feels like someone kicked me and I’m bruised down there.

Food Cravings:  No new cravings for me lately, though my sister did send an entire box of gummy candy, along with some chocolates from Germany, which I can’t keep out of!

Aversions:  Mosquitos! LOL! Ugh, they are so bad here right now.

Workouts:  Still non-existent.  Though school did start today so I will be walking more!!

Milestones:  This little thing is a mover & shaker!  We got to see the baby again on ultrasound so we could do a sex check since the little thing didn’t cooperate the first time.  The punches & kicks were unbelievable, especially because on the screen it looks like it uses the whole body, but when I feel it, it doesn’t feel like punches & kicks.  Weird, right?
Baby Items Purchased:  Still none.  The only thing I really need for this baby is a take-me-home from the hospital outfit, a stroller attachment for the carseat, and some fabric to make my own baby blankets & burp cloths.

Gender:  Baby cooperated this time!  We did gender reveal cupcakes for the kids with my in-laws.  We are having another girl! 
  It's A Girl

01 August 2014

20 Weeks

How far along:  20 weeks, 2 days

Total Weight Gained:
   Up four pounds this time for a total of 9 since my 8 week appointment {which is good because my goal for this pregnancy is to maintain as long as possible since I’m overweight}.  I’m blaming some of the gain on being a little bit constipated.  TMI, I know, but it’s just a pregnancy fact.

Maternity Clothes:
  Of course!!  With fall just around the corner, I am on the lookout for some new tops and some jeans.

Sleep:   I’ve been sleeping great, once I actually get myself to bed.  I’m so exhausted on a daily basis, but always get distracted by my electronics at night.

Symptoms:  My nausea is at bay due to me taking vitamin B6 + 1/2 Unisom tablet.  I’m finally able to drink water and eat fruits without wanting to vomit!  Now, I’m just dealing with slight constipation.

Food Cravings:  I have rediscovered Gardetto’s snack mix.  So good.  And it really makes me want to find the mustard pretzels!!

Aversions:  None really as they’ve all kind of subsided for now.

Workouts:  Eh, pretty much non-existent.  We will take short family walks on occasion, but it’s not something I’d consider a workout.  I would like to begin strength training.

Milestones:  I am finally starting to feel this little bugger move. 

Baby Items Purchased:  None.  I was really counting on finding out the gender today so I could order some cute stuff from Zulily.

Gender:  Still unsure!  It’s so frustrating because our whole family was super excited about finding out the gender at our ultrasound today.  However, this little baby decided to keep it’s cute little legs crossed.  Each time the technician would check the bottom, baby wouldn’t spread the legs open so she could take a guess.  So now we wait  f o u r  m o r e  w e e k s.

I had my ultrasound today and it was so incredible to be able to finally see this little stinker moving.  My sister had me a little worried the other day when she said that I should be feeling baby by now.  I just haven’t been feeling much but really wasn’t concerned because when I was pregnant with Talyn, I didn’t feel her move until 22 weeks or so.  Seeing the baby moving, opening it’s little mouth, and the little heart beating on the screen though was a definite reassurance!  It was like this little baby was doing gymnastics in my belly.  I’ll leave you with our adorable ultrasound picture.

Baby #4

16 July 2014

More Construction

I've been MIA for no other reason other than the fact that I just plain and simple do not make time to keep up my little ol' blog.  If I'm gonna make it big-time in blog-land, I should probably make more of an attempt to post more often, right?!?  ha.  In the meantime, I would really like to make a few changes around here...again. I sure hope you are having a fantastic summer and will enjoy the last 6 weeks before school starts.

**Please pardon the mess while I attempt a few changes to my blog.**

06 June 2014

A Little More Chaos


We’re having a baby!  You see, we haven't been preventing a baby for the past six months, but I wouldn't really say we've been trying either. I mean we have been, but only half-heartedly. It seems we just couldn't connect between the different illnesses running through the family for the entire year so far.  Obviously, we were finally able to make it happen.

We found out on Thursday, April 10 after hubby questioned when Aunt Flo would be making her appearance.  I told him it should have been here the 8th and he insisted I take the one pregnancy test we happened to have on hand.  It's 10:30 p.m., and I'm in the bathroom peeing on my hand in a cup in order to place the test stick in my urine. Cory was so precise with his instructions and was so giddy as he watched the + sign appear {almost immediately}.

A week later we headed out of town for Easter with my extended family.  We had decided prior to going that we weren’t going to tell anybody just yet as we were still so early.  Another reason we had decided to wait to tell the extended family is because we had found out that my cousin was also pregnant {after delivering a stillborn baby a few years ago} and planning to announce it at Easter.  We just didn’t want to take away from her excitement.  While at Easter, we found out that there are babies due in August, September, October, and November.  Plus, two other cousins just had their babies {one had twins!} the two days after Mother’s Day.  Looks like my Grampa will be gaining a bunch of great-grandkids this year!

We ended up telling Mr. Chaotic’s parents one night when we met them for supper.  We had Bode wear his t-shirt in the above photo and they were ecstatic.  We then came home and called my parents in Maryland so we could Skype.  Oops, we ended up waking my mom up as she had to work the next morning.  I truly think she didn’t mind the wake-up call as she had a pretty adorable little guy with a fun announcement talking to her!  Mom & Dad were pretty ecstatic as well!

I thought it would be fun to keep track of this pregnancy by answering a few questions I’ve found when visiting other pregnancy blogs.

How far along:  12 weeks

Total Weight Gained:  2 pounds from my 8 week appointment to my 12 week appointment {which is good because my goal for this pregnancy is to maintain as long as possible since I’m overweight}

Maternity Clothes:  Uh, yeah.  100%.  I don’t even try to squeeze into my non-maternity jeans anymore.

Sleep:  Well, the baby isn’t keeping me up at night.  I have also been lucky in not having to get up to use the bathroom all night long {unless one of the other kids is calling for me}.  The one keeping me up at night is Mr. Chaotic.  He’s quite the bed hog and he snores like crazy. 

Symptoms:  Ugh, the nausea.  It’s not going away.  I cannot eat or drink anything without feeling nauseated.  The thing is though, if I don’t eat, the nausea is so much worse!  It also happens when I drink anything, including water.  My doctor prescribed Zofran, however, it doesn’t seem to be working for me, which is really disappointing as I’ve always heard that it’s a nausea miracle drug.

Food Cravings:  Weeks 6-10 I craved mozzarella cheese sticks.  Right now I really don’t have any specific cravings, maybe just salty foods.

Aversions:  Bode’s stinky diapers, fruit,  and water are just a few.  Oh, and the smell of coffee brewing in my kitchen.

Workouts:  I’ve been trying to get a 30-45 minute walk in daily, but it’s more like 2-3 times a week.

Baby Items Purchased:  I was at JcPenney a few weeks ago and they had a little pouch for the nuk on clearance for under $3.  Our old one is really worn and falling apart.

30 May 2014

The Rest of May in Pictures

Seriously, May is over?!  Where in the world did it go?  Literally it seems like we just celebrated Kinley’s birthday.  Yet, here we are at the end of May.  Now that I’m blogging again, I try to remember to take pictures daily.  So, for my last post of May, I’m going to do an end of May recap via pictures.

First up - we joined Talyn’s class on a trip to the zoo.  I think Bode had one too many pictures that day!

I was able to get out for a short walk with the kids and my mother-in-law and had this gorgeous view:
We then came upon the last week of school.  At the very last minute, like 9:30 the night before Kinley’s last day, I decided to put together a quick teacher appreciation gift for the girls’ teachers.  I googled teacher appreciation Hershey bars and came across a super cute printable, but I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay for it.  I decided to open Photoshop and make something similar.

Kinley’s last day was May 22 and Talyn’s last day was May 23.  This picture was taken on Kinley’s last day.
  girlslastdayof school

When I picked her up from preschool, I almost didn’t recognize her!  The teachers had painted faces.


Oh, and look at my yummy lunch one of the days.  Chicken, bacon, ranch, and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla.  So yummy!


We spent the Memorial Day weekend with my in-laws.  They wanted to have an end of the school year bbq for the kids.  The first picture is of Bode off by himself playing in the dirt.  We were at my sister-in-law’s house and they are working on their landscaping.  He had no care in the world that the other kids were off doing other stuff rather than playing with him.  We were then out at Mr. Chaotic’s parents’ house.  The kids’ favorite thing to do is ride on Papa’s four-wheelers – and the boat too, but I forgot to get a picture.  The view is off their back porch and so peaceful, well, except when the other boats are cruising up and down the river. 

My birthday happened to fall on Memorial Day this year.  We celebrated with lunch at Qdoba.  I was really wanting Chinese, but my favorite place was closed.  What!?  They never close on Christmas…why Memorial Day?  After lunch we came home and Mr. Chaotic mowed the yard.  It was in dire need!  Also, Bode needed his nap.  We then left for supper and went to Bruno’s for taco pizza.  OMG.  The best taco pizza ever!!  After that, we stopped to pick up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Cory and the kids ran in to pick it out while I stayed in the truck.  Got home and they put my candles in it and as soon as Cory lit them, Bode thought it was time for him to blow them out.  His feelings got hurt when we told him Mommy had to blow them out.  When I was done, we relit the candles and gave Bode his chance to blow them out too.  All in all I had a pleasant birthday. 


This past week has went surprisingly good.  I say that only because my daughter’s love to be in each other’s faces twenty-four seven, which in turn leads to me constantly yelling at them to leave each other alone.  We started Tuesday off with a trip to the library.  The kids must have thought we weren’t going to be going back because they overloaded our bag with books.  The library has a 25 book limit so we ended up having to leave two of our books.  If you can believe it, Mr. Bode walked the entire way to and from the library! {It’s 13 blocks one way!}


Mr. Chaotic’s mom had sent back home with us his trucks from when he was a little boy.  I’m not talking a few either.  There are monster trucks, micro machine cars, Hot Wheels cars and the little city, his transformers, and more of his GI Joes.  All circa the 1980s!  This was taken of the three kiddos playing with dad’s old toys.


Last but not least, we have Mr. Bode riding his new Strider balance bike.  We decided we wanted to try one with him to see if they really do work as well as they’re hyped up to work.  He’s not quite sure what to think but really doesn’t mind walking the bike.  He refuses to sit on the seat at this point, but we are just letting him do what he’s comfortable doing.

That’s it from me.  The last of my month in pictures.  Now, onto June.

Talk to me:
Did May fly by for you too, or was it just me?
Do you have any summer plans with the kiddos or will you be flying by the seat of your pants like myself?

22 May 2014

Kinley’s Birthday and Mother’s Day

This year, I was lucky enough to share Mother’s Day with Kinley’s actual birthday {May 11, 2014}.  We had decided that since we were sharing the day with each other, she could pick where our family ate lunch and I would pick our dinner spot.  She, suprisingly, picked a Chinese buffet {I for sure thought we’d end up at Taco Bell}.  She wanted the one in our mall, but they switched owners and we don’t care for it anymore so we went to a different one.  It was alright.  Not my favorite, but it was her choice.  After lunch, we came home and did presents.  So fun! 

Kinley Opening Peppa Pig

We had found her a Peppa Pig playhouse.  She loves it.  The above collage is of her opening Peppa.  Pure excitement and total satisfaction!  This little girl is obsessed with Peppa Pig.  We currently have 23 episodes on DVR, just in case Peppa’s not on when we happen to turn on the TV.

Kinley BDay Presents

The first picture is of the actual Peppa Pig playhouse and the second is the Doc McStuffins Operation game that Talyn picked out as the gift from her & Bode.  Peppa’s house came with just Peppa & George, so Mr. Chaotic found more characters, but are waiting on them to arrive.  We had no idea how incredibly hard to find this little Peppa Pig stuff was.  Turns out it’s mostly available over in the UK via eBay.  Also, it’s not cheap!  Seriously though, Mr. Chaotic loves eBay so we have been watching for everything Peppa in hopes of finding a few inexpensive items to add to the collection.

After the birthday excitement, it was time for Bode’s nap.  We just did odds and ends around the house while Mr. Chaotic also napped.  By the time those monkeys woke up it was almost 6 PM!  We ended up just eating dinner here at home as everybody was getting crabby with each other. I was slightly disappointed, but it is what it is.


The girls had made little crafts in school for me for Mother’s Day.  Kinley’s class planted grass in a clear plastic cup, grew it, and then when it was time to bring them home, they put decorated faces on the cups.  Of course, I forgot to get a picture.  Talyn’s class made little flower pots with the pretend grassy stuff and then a popsicle stick with a clothespin type flower on it, which they clipped a picture of the student holding a sign that said “Happy Mother’s Day!”  Again, I forgot to take a picture.  Earlier that morning, I had made an Angel Food cake so that was my {massive} treat to myself.


Talk to Me:
Are there any little cartoons that your little ones are obsessed with?
Did you have to treat yourself on Mother’s Day?  Or am I the only one who does that?

13 May 2014

Guess Whooo’s Five!…The Party

Over the weekend, we celebrated Kinley’s 5th birthday.  The celebration started on Friday with a Night Owl Pajama Party that included her {girl}friends from preschool.  Check out these darling invitations we crafted:

I happened upon the owl template here way back in March when I first started researching owl-themed birthday parties.  My original plan was to just do a “join us for Kinley’s birthday party” for the wording until I stumbled across this adorable pin, which completely fit perfectly with the type of party we wanted.  I used the font KG Be Still & Know.  I am in love with Kimberly Geswein fonts!  As for the party décor, I chose Owl Blossom from Birthday Express.
We’ve been experiencing an unusually cold, wet, and windy spring here so I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be like for our party.  We lucked out and had a mostly sunny day in the 60s with very little wind!  I was ecstatic for the fact that we could do the party mostly outside – everything but watching the movie.  The girls started arriving shortly after 4 and we just played outside.  We have a massive backyard with a swing set, small trampoline, Barbie jeep, 4-wheeler, and a whole slew of balls plus other outside toys.  The kids were set!

PicMonkey Collage Kinley Bday(don’t mind the extra bows, balloons, and party hats…I didn’t want to leave the little friends’ faces online)

We ordered pizza and were able to eat that and the cupcakes out on the patio while appreciating the gorgeous day (less mess for me to clean up inside!).  Speaking of cupcakes...did you see the super adorable owl cupcake cake?  I literally saw this on Pinterest a couple of days before I went to order the cake and the pinner had commented that it was from Walmart.  I eagerly went to our Walmart with no luck of finding the same cake or a very helpful bakery employee.  She told me to come back the next day when the cake lady was working.  So I did...and I'm very glad I did.  I showed her the picture on Pinterest and she said they would have no problem doing that, even if they had to use their phones to Google it.  So helpful!  And I thought it was freaking amazing!  The best part - it was $15!!

After cupcakes, we set up the piñata and let the kids each take a turn pulling the strings.  I adore the pull-string piñatas; they are so easy and you don’t have to go hog-wild lashing out at the thing trying to get it to spill the candy!  Each party guest collected so many little frooties tootsie rolls and dum-dum suckers.  After the piñata, we made our way inside so we could start our movie of choice, which was Frozen.  Once inside, we discovered we still had presents to open!  She received some great gifts from her friends.  We were a bit late in starting the movie and making the popcorn, so about an hour into it, the parents had started arriving to pick up the girls.  We sent the girls home with their bag of candy from the piñata, the little box of goodies from Birthday Express, and the adorable owl tumbler from Birthday Express.  We also added a little puncher balloon ball thingy to the box of goodies.  Overall it was a blast for the party girl and her friends!  I don’t think they minded one bit that we barely had any decorations – that would be just a few balloons!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kinley!  We love you very much!!