04 March 2015

March Goals

hello March

Before I get onto my goals for March, I want to recap my February goals. 

My number one goal for February is to make exercise a daily habit.  I did really good here, up until the pelvic pain became so unbearable I ended up making a trip to my chiropractor.  I’d say the first 18 days were a success.  Either I used my treadmill or walked with my Leslie video, and took four rest days here and there.  After the visit to my chiropractor, I took a few more rest days and then tried again on my treadmill, only to have to pain come back almost instantly.  Out of the 28 days in February, I worked out 14, so half. 

My number two goal for February is to continue drinking 8-10 cups of water (64-80 oz).  I wasn’t very faithful in logging my daily water intake.  However, I do know that most days I got my minimum of 8 cups.  This is still something I struggle with, so most days to get my water in, I have to flavor it with Crystal Light.

My number three goal for February is to not eat after 8 p.m.  February trucked right along for me and I was feeling so awesome for doing so good not eating after 8.  Mr. Chaotic was so disappointed that I wouldn’t snack with him.  Then I’m not sure what happened.  My emotions get the best of me, Aunt Flo visits, and it’s like I just can’t get enough.  I truly need to get better control of my emotions as that would help tremendously in the mindless snacking department.

Overall, I felt like February was a success for me.  I could have made some better choices after 8 (like saying no to the pretzels that Mr. Chaotic was eating), but it is what it is.  I do know that once I get this pelvic pain figured out & taken care of I might actually be able to put my mind to this once & for all!  I was very surprised to learn that at the end of the month, I had lost 6.5 pounds! 

Moving onto my March goals – basically, I’m going to keep them the same, except the walking everyday part.  With the pelvic pain I just am not able to make the commitment.  I will still try my damnedest to get my eating back on track and to drink my water daily.  I’m also going to be making frequent trips to the chiropractor to get this pain taken care of.  As for the weight, well, my goal for March is to at least maintain my loss so far!  Carry on!

16 February 2015

Valentine’s Day for School

A couple weeks ago, Talyn mentioned that for Valentine’s Day, she wanted to give Laffy Taffy (my favorite!).  I thought that was a super fun idea, so I scoured Pinterest looking for the perfect card to go with it.  I found it, however, there wasn’t a printable offered, so I made my own.  We printed and cut out the cards, then taped two Laffy Taffy’s to the inside of each card.  Here’s what we came up with:

Laffy Taffy Valentine

For the teachers though, I found this pin, and thought it would make the perfect teacher gift.  I, surprisingly, had all of the supplies except the Mod Podge and the chocolates.  I couldn’t find any of the extreme glitter Mod Podge locally, just regular, so that’s what we used.  I just ran through the process twice.  I printed out the free printables and then added some pink ribbon around the jar lid for our own personal touch.  I love how they turned out. 

teacher gift

And look how glittery the jar is!  I might make one just for myself. 

glittery jar

Talk to me:

- Do you have a favorite Valentine’s candy?

- I would love to share my printable, however, I’m not exactly sure how to go about it.  Let me know if you’re interested and I will try to get it available for you!

TWO Months Old…Already!?

2 months
Miss Maisyn turned two months old lastTuesday.  I know they say time flies, but I think it’s going especially fast for me this time around because she is my last baby.  The stats from her doctor appointment last week are:

Head – 16 inches (97%!!)
Height – 23 inches (73%)
Weight – 11 lb, 5 oz (49%)

Big heads definitely run in the family as all of our kiddos have been in the 90th percentile or higher.  Her weight is a bit of a concern to me as she only gained two pounds since she was born.  Also at her other appointments, her weight has been in the 80+%.  I’m hoping it’s just because of her overly explosive poopy diapers due to formula changes & antibiotics.

I love that we have such a great schedule with her.  She is an amazing sleeper.  By amazing, I mean she sleeps through the night and has been for the past month.  Her last bottle of the day is between 11 p.m & midnight and she doesn’t wake up until I do in the morning. Most mornings I even have to wake her up by 7:30 to get her first bottle in.  With all the other kids I would just let them wake up by themselves.  That doesn’t work for us now, with the two older girls in school.  I don’t like making her wait until after the kids are dropped off at 8:30, so I wake her up – after grabbing myself a cup of coffee.  I’ve been very blessed with babies that love to sleep as they’ve all been good sleepers!

Maisyn is such an easy-going baby.  She tolerates her big brother’s incessant smothering of kisses.  Maisyn absolutely loves it when her big sister, Talyn, reads to her in the rocking chair – so much so that she usually falls asleep. She also truly adores the time she spends snuggling with big sister, Kinley.  I love that each of the older kids absolutely are so thrilled by their new baby sister.  All-in-all, she’s a very happy baby and seems to be pretty content with all of the chaos that goes on in our day-to-day lives.  She’s super smiley, becoming quite “talkative”.

Maisyn is wearing a size 1 diaper, though I did buy size 2 for when these are gone.  She’s still in size 0-3 month clothes.  The only thing we know that she for sure doesn’t like is her darn nuk.  She absolutely, positively hates it.  I hate that she wants to be a thumb sucker.  We are constantly replacing her thumb, finger, or fist in the mouth with a nuk, but she constantly spits it right back out.  It will be my luck that she isn’t going to like the thing until it’s time for me to take it away!

Talk to me:

Do/did you have a baby that was a great sleeper?

03 February 2015

February Goals


My number one goal for February is to make exercise a daily habit.  I’m not talking hardcore working out right now, as I’m still experiencing slight pelvic pain.  However, I am capable of walking a minimum 20 minutes on my treadmill or using my Leslie Sansone Walking DVD.  I am also trying to add in some strength training.

My number two goal for February is to continue drinking 8-10 cups of water (64-80 oz).  I’ve noticed that as long as I get my walk in, I am able to get my water in as well.  I’m also including coffee, tea, and milk in my water count as well. 

My number three goal for February is to not eat after 8 p.m.  This one is so simple, yet such a struggle for me.  Nighttime snacking is my biggest enemy…definitely my unhealthiest habit. 

Your turn:

Tell me your number one goal for February.

31 January 2015

January Goals Revisited

At the beginning of January, I shared a few goals I was setting myself for the month.  This is how I did.

1) Drink at least 8-10 cups of water DAILY  -- Eh, I did okay here.  Most days I drank at least 8 cups, including my milk, coffee, and tea.  Some days only 6.

2) Start tracking my food again with SparkPeople  --  I did great here!  I tracked everyday from the 2nd through the 24th, missing just one day.  However, since then, I haven’t done so well. 

3) Get my butt back on the exercise train, once my doctor gives me the approval.  My appointment is in the middle of the month, so just a couple more weeks!  -- Eh, I didn’t start any exercise as I’ve still been having pelvic pain from the cyst.  I’m waiting until my period ends to even try walking for exercise.


28 January 2015

Postpartum Doctor Checkup

My six-week postpartum appointment was last week, Friday.  I was super anxious to meet with the doctor so I could see what the world was going on with my pelvic area.  Every time I’d walk from one end of the mall to the other, I would get this severe pain in the left side of my pelvis. 

When I explained this to my doctor, she was kind of worried that it may be scar tissue from my postpartum tubal ligation.  If it were that, then she said I would need to go back in for surgery again so they could remove the scar tissue.  She sent me down to get an ultrasound so she could see what is going on.

The ultrasound revealed that I have a cyst on my left ovary, which was causing the pain.  My doctor told me that the cyst could possibly go away on its own once I got my period back.  If it didn’t go away, then she said I would have to go on birth control for six weeks to help shrink the cyst away.  I thought that was a crazy idea since I just had my tubes tied.  But I’ll do whatever I need to get this cyst to go away, which will hopefully make the pain go away as well.

The ultrasound also revealed that my uterus is still very, very large.  I’m not sure how exactly it’s measured, or in what increments (cm, mm, grams, etc), but she told me a normal uterus is 100.  My uterus is 269!!  Two and a half times what normal is.  She told me that because of this, it will cause heavy and painful periods and that basically I will be having a hysterectomy sometime in the next 10 years.  It just depends on how long I want to deal with the heavy, painful periods.

Menstrual-cramps   www.women-info.comenwp-contentuploads201405Menstrual-cramps.jpg

I am definitely not looking forward to having my period anymore! (not that I did before, but you know what I mean)  Ugh!!

Talk to Me:

Have you experienced heavy & painful periods?  Please share any relief suggestions you may have!

12 January 2015

Life With Baby #4

Maisyn laughing BLOG

Here we are, one month after the birth of Maisyn, and I wanted to share how our life has changed and update how she’s doing. 

Week 1:  Like I explained in the NICU post, Maisyn’s first week of life was spent at the hospital, which in turn meant parts of our days were also spent at the hospital.    I also had my tubes tied two days after Maisyn was born and was using her NICU time as my recovery time when I wasn’t visiting her.  I had a terrible time in recovery & had a rough couple of days after my surgery.

Week 2:   Her first weekend home with us was spent Christmas shopping and she was such a trooper.  The older girls still had school Monday & Tuesday before Christmas.  Wednesday was spent baking Christmas goodies while Maisyn slept in her bouncy seat. We then went to my sister-in-laws to spend Christmas Eve with Mr. Chaotic’s family. 

Week 3:  Christmas morning we opened our gifts & then spent most of the day trying to tame the chaos of toys.  Later in the afternoon, Mr. Chaotic’s parents came over for prime rib dinner.  We had Maisyn’s first doctor’s visit December 29th.  She was up to 9 lbs, 10 oz.  The pediatrician had to cauterize Maisyn’s belly button as it had been oozing since the day the umbilical cord fell off.

Week 4:  Having time off from school & the older girls spending time at Grandma’s kind of threw us off schedule a bit as I took advantage and used my mornings for sleep.  Not that Maisyn is sleep depriving me.  She’s a champ when it comes to sleeping.  Still on schedule as expected…eat, sleep, awake, eat, sleep, awake.  Every four hours almost on the nose.  We were supposed to go to a New Year’s Eve Party, however we decided to skip out as influenza has been going around like crazy here and I don’t want to expose Maisyn.  Girls head back to school, except Kinley, who has pink eye.  Headed back to pediatrician for Kinley’s pink eye and to have Maisyn’s belly button cauterized again.  It’s still oozing.

Week 5:  Kinley finally heads back to school and Bode, Maisyn, and I try to get into a routine.  Maisyn starts sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches during the night.  Days are spent being a little more awake.  If I’m not holding her, Bode is begging to hold her or she spends time in her bouncer seat, which she doesn’t seem to mind. 


Miss Maisyn also seems to think it’s okay to suck her thumb.  She has never cared for her pacifier, however, I do not want her to be a thumb sucker.  I’ve heard one too many horror stories about how hard it is to break that habit once it becomes necessary.  It’s hard enough to get rid of the pacifier, I can’t imagine how to stop thumb sucking.  It’s not like it can be cut off & tossed in the garbage the way a pacifier can.  Also the stories about the damage thumb sucking does to the child’s teeth.  I truly don’t want to have Maisyn endure that.

Talk to me:

--  Did you have a good Christmas & New Year’s break?

--  Do/did you “allow” your child(ren) to suck their thumbs?  Was it a hard habit to break?  Were there any dental issues?