04 April 2014

A Peek At Our Week

Snow Day Monday.  I woke up a bit early that morning and actually had time to turn on the morning news.  I was a bit surprised when I saw that school was cancelled due to the blizzard that was reportedly on it’s way.  When I peeked out the blinds to see just how treacherous it was out there, I was slightly confused as it didn’t seem like a blizzard to me.  Eight inches of snow later, along with extremely gusty winds, I was thankful I didn’t have to trek the kids to school.

1 Me Bode


Tuesday.  After the blizzard, I was obligated to shovel.  You see, I have a certain two-year old that cannot get enough of being outdoors.  Mr. Bode loves to shovel and he will not stop whining begging me for permission to get outside.  “Me shovel, Mommy?” sounds adorable enough – that is until it’s on repeat 100 times.

Seriously though, how adorable is he?!  He’s the only one out of the three kids that has ever offered to shovel.  I must say he does a pretty good job for being two.

2 Bode Shovel

Wednesday.  We had Bode’s therapy appointment.  We wrote a new plan for the upcoming year.  We’ve also decided that he doesn’t really need the therapy for his legs anymore and will now be working strictly on his speech to be sure that everybody will be able to understand him.  I am able to understand him about 50-60% of the time, but to outsiders, they’re more likely around the 20% mark.  So we need to work on that.  The speech therapist will be coming every two weeks.  Oh, and it started snowing again.

Thursday.  After picking up Kinley from preschool, our normal routine is to come in, have lunch, and then Bode lays on the couch watching cartoons until he falls asleep takes his nap.  Since it was still snowing that morning, I decided it would be okay to let the two of them stay outside to play.  We started shoveling (again), and when that was completed, the kids and I went to the backyard to swing.  Yup, Mr. Chaotic had put the swings out over the past weekend so they were covered in snow.  They sure had a blast!

4  Kinley swinging

5 Bode swinging
Friday.  Another day of no school.  Talyn’s school was closed for a Staff Development Day.  Reluctantly, I took my three kiddos to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  We came home and Bode was having a meltdown, so he went down for his nap early!  The girls and I continued on with our day by eating my gourmet PB&Js for lunch.  Ha.  Besides lunch, the girls and I took advantage of the napping two-year old and finally completed their tie blankets.  Grandma had sent fleece fabric home with them shortly after Christmas, however, it was something that I kept procrastinating.  I am glad to have them done.  They are both extremely happy to have new fuzzy warm blankets to use since Mother Nature has still not made up her mind which season we are in!

6 Girls helping Make blanket7 Girls Tie-Blankets

One last picture, just because it’s so stinkin’ adorable.  Mr. Chaotic and his princess.

3 Kinley   Mr. Chaotic

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