A New Month, A New ME!

Oh, boy.  I’m not even sure where to begin.  I’m sure you (the whole one person who reads this) noticed that I took a semi-hiatus from my blog.  Other than the fact that I plain and simple just gave up on myself, I have no good reason for ignoring this little ol’ blog of mine.

On that note, Hi!!  {Insert me waving hello!}  As I mentioned above, I pretty much gave up on myself.  I had quite the pity party for me as for why I can’t figure out this weight-loss thing.  I mean I’ve been working on losing those last 10 lbs. since last summer, only to have gained an extra 10 lbs. in the meantime.  Obviously my eating was out of control and I just didn’t seem to want to do anything about it.

I do feel as though I’ve been working my butt off, exercise wise.  I’ve been doing the c25k and have gotten all the way to week 8 day 1.  Yup, I’ve ran for 28 minutes straight!  Seriously!?  I didn’t ever think I would be able to run for longer than 30 seconds.  Heck, when I hit week 4 of the c25k and had to run for 5-minutes I thought it was over.  But, I persevered and just kept pushing my way through. 

Then, the foot pain started, right about the time I started running for 20+ minutes at a time.  I’ve tried a couple of different things to relieve it, both of which didn’t.  In the meantime, I’ve taken the past week and a half off from running, hoping to give my foot a little relief.  I also returned the new pair of shoes and orthotics that I thought might help, but didn’t make the pain any better.  While at the shoe store today, I had the lady measure my foot so I knew exactly what size I should be getting. 

Funny how you think you know what size shoes you wear because you’ve worn the same size since like 7th grade.  Even funnier - while pregnant with my kiddos I remember hearing that some women’s feet grow while they are pregnant.  I felt so lucky that didn’t happen to me throughout my three pregnancies.  Guess the joke is on me as my feet really did grow.  When the lady measured my foot, I measured past the 10.  Past it!  I’ve always only bought size 10.  Pretty sure this would be why I’ve been having foot pain for the past YEAR!

So, here’s what I have realized in the three weeks I’ve been away: 

  1. Consuming sugar, and lots of it, will not help with weight loss
  2. I’m not losing because I’m not tracking
  3. The reason I’m having constant foot pain isn’t because I need orthotics or a foot doctor – rather, I need the right SIZE shoes!
  4. Walking really does my body good!

I’m not sure what came over me this month but I’ve really, honestly been trying my damnedest to stay dedicated to myself and my health.  Since the calendar changed to April 1st, I’ve been more focused and able to resist the candy & cookies; I’ve been very dedicated to my food tracker at SparkPeople (and even staying in range!!); and best of all, I’m beginning to move more and I feel so good!! 

On Tuesday, March 26 I weighed in at 176.  I forgot to weigh myself this past Tuesday so I decided to do it on Wednesday.  174!  So two pounds down and I’ve only put in the effort for 4 days.  Totally motivating if you ask me.  Now, the old me would be “rewarding” myself with all of my kids’ Easter candy or the best chocolate chip cookies made by Aunt Sandy (6 dozen that she sent home with us).  The new me is totally rejuvenated and ready for spring!  We’ve had gorgeous weather (40s & 50s) which makes it super nice to be outside.

That’s my past three weeks in a nutshell.  SparkPeople is running a #RiseandShine Challenge for April.  I’ve decided to partake and will update what exactly this means for me with my next blog.  Along with the #RiseandShine Challenge, I’ve started tracking my healthy habits this month so that I can see and celebrate my triumphs, big and small.  I’ll also update you with those healthy habits that I’m trying to reestablish into my life.


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Glad to hear you are getting back on track!

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